4 Advantages of Cloud Surveillance For Your Healthcare Organization

June 27th, 2023

Healthcare facilities face significant security challenges that aren't always met with an on-premise system. From protecting patient medical records/confidentiality to overseeing employee activity and patient care, Cloud Video Surveillance offers a streamlined and straightforward way to secure the quality, safety, and well-being of your single or multi-site healthcare organization.

Cloud Benefit #1: Uninterrupted 24/7 recording – Hospitals and urgent care centers in operation 24/7 need reliable, continuous video surveillance. The level of risk associated with your healthcare facility's day-to-day operations can be mitigated with reliable video surveillance. The advantage of cloud surveillance is your footage is stored in an off-site Tier-4 data center for as long as you need it. Use cloud-enabled cameras for uninterrupted coverage of critical areas like medical supply closets, pharmaceutical dispensaries, and check-in areas/waiting rooms.

Cloud Benefit #2: Easy Multi-User Management - From single site treatment facilities to multi-site hospital organizations, Cloud video provides flexible user management for viewing live and recorded video - lessening the burden on internal IT resources. Limiting access to cameras is simple with the Cloud and gives you complete flexibility to protect patient confidentiality while maintaining important video evidence. As your organization changes, you can easily add or delete users on-demand from anywhere at any time.

Cloud Benefit #3: Triple Redundant Storage for Compliance - Healthcare facilities may be required to store video at an off-premise data center to comply with healthcare or government regulations. Unlike a traditional system that streams data directly from your site, Alibi Cloud VS provides unlimited users with triple-redundant, high-resolution video surveillance that’s pulled directly from our ultra-secure, off-site tier-4 data center. Compared to a traditional system that requires you to add a recorder in every location, Cloud allows you to store and secure your data evidence off-site, providing unlimited users and con-current streaming from a centralized location.

Cloud Benefit #4: Complement an on-premise system with Cloud – From hospitals to urgent care offices and mental health treatment centers, the healthcare industry presents multi-faceted security risks. By adding cloud-enabled cameras to high-risk areas, you can protect the overall safety and security of: 

  • Patients, visitors, and staff
  • Theft of personal and hospital property – including prescription medication and valuable equipment 
  • The sharing of sensitive patient information

With a simple plug-and-play deployment, add Cloud cameras to complement your existing on-premise system for redundant footage. Extra coverage on your highest-risk areas makes sure you have the critical video footage you need. Unlike an on-premise system that requires users to be on-site to log into their network (multi-site locations can make this a cumbersome task), a hybrid cloud solution allows users the flexibility of being anywhere to view footage and achieve central management of an entire healthcare organization. 

Cloud video surveillance provides a streamlined, scalable security system to healthcare organizations. Interested in learning more about how it can benefit yours? Call us today!