How Surveillance Systems Increase Productivity

September 13th, 2018

Many business owners believe that surveillance systems are used solely to deter crime. While they are an excellent tool for doing so, they can have many other purposes as well. One of the most significant benefits of installing a surveillance system in the workplace is an increase in productivity. Business owners in ((blog,state)) should consider a new surveillance system to ensure their employees are working hard.

Why Surveillance Systems Keep Employees On Track

As an employee, did you ever grow bored or disgruntled during the workday? To this day, this happens in workplaces across the country. Whether it’s because the employee does not like the work they are performing, do not like the role that they’re in, do not have a strong work ethic, or gets distracted easily, there are numerous reasons why an employee could be unproductive.

Surveillance systems in the workplace serve to catch these behaviors, thus holding employees accountable. Business owners can set up surveillance systems to see when their employees are not hard at work. Knowing that their boss could potentially be watching them is enough to incentivize employees to work harder.

Bosses can use internal video surveillance systems in both critical and constructive manners. For example, some bosses prefer to use their surveillance system to figure out who should be awarded raises and bonuses and to potentially figure out which employees they should let go of their team. Other bosses choose to review the surveillance system with their employees to figure out which workplace strategies help make that specific employee more productive.

Statistics About Workplace Surveillance

Kristin Morgan of St. Francis University recently told that employee monitoring is a growing trend across the country and that companies are using it to boost an employee’s productivity while improving his or hers’ performance. The fact that workplace surveillance is on the rise should come as no surprise to those familiar with the industry. Consider these stats from the American Management Association's Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance Report:

  • More than 80% of managers say they use electronic monitoring in the workplace.


  • Roughly one in five business owners admit that they use video to record their employees while they are on the job.


  • 33% of employees say that they know they are under some surveillance when they are in the workplace.


  • Two-thirds of small business owners say that they believe video surveillance is the security measure most valuable to them.


  • Of those who used video surveillance to monitor their employees, 78% told the employees that they use the system for anti-theft purposes. 89% informed their employees that they used it for performance-related video monitoring.

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