How A Hidden Camera Can Help

April 2nd, 2024

One of the reasons why people get security cameras in Midland, TX is for the sake of deterrence.  When people know they’re being watched and recorded, they’re less likely to do something illegal.  However, that’s obviously not a benefit you can get when you hide your cameras, either by camouflaging it to look like something else or by hiding the camera’s housing behind a wall or a one-way mirror.  So what’s the benefit of having a hidden camera, and how does it make up for losing that deterrence factor?

Discover An Ongoing Crime

It’s often the case that people in Midland, TX choose to buy security cameras because a theft or other crime has already happened, or it keeps happening over and over but you don’t have any idea who could be committing the crime.  Placing a visible camera in the area where the crime takes place can stop thefts and vandalism from happening, but you won’t be able to bring the criminal who wronged you before to justice.  A hidden camera will put criminals off their guard so you can catch them in the act.

Monitor Your Kids

Children can get rowdy and fight each other, plus they learn to lie at a surprisingly young age.  With one or two well-placed hidden cameras, you can learn how they act when you aren’t around and you can reward or punish them appropriately without having to take their word for what happened while you were away.  Just remember to be discrete about how you’re learning what you know so they won’t learn about the cameras and figure out how to bypass them.

Take Advantage Of Modern Technology

Cameras in Midland, TX used to be big, bulky devices that you could only reasonably hide behind a one-way mirror.  However, today’s digital cameras can be small enough to fit on phones, and they’re definitely small enough to fit in something completely different while giving you a clear image.  For instance, some camouflaged cameras you can buy today can look like:

  • Outlets
  • Functional pens
  • Watches
  • Clocks and alarm clocks
  • Books
  • Smoke detectors

Thanks to wireless recording, hidden cameras can send all the information they gather to a remote location or your cloud server, and by being motion activated the camera will save its batteries by only recording when there’s something going on in the direction it’s pointed.  You’ll still have to explain what the device on your wireless network is, but many cameras will automatically conceal themselves by using misleading names for the device list.  Overall, it’s easier now than it ever was to set up a hidden camera wherever you want and quietly record crimes in progress.

Visible cameras act as crime deterrents.  On the other hand, hidden cameras are useful as a way to spot crimes in Midland, TX as they happen and to discover how people act when they think you can’t see them.  What you choose to do with this information is up to you, but thanks to these features a hidden camera or two can be an invaluable part of any comprehensive security system.