Security For A Safe Holiday Season

November 27th, 2023

The holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. However, something that many in Midland, TX do not realize is that it is not always so for everyone. During the winter holiday season, numerous house fires tend to happen, with around 47,000 occurring within this period each year throughout the United States. Holiday cooking, Christmas trees, and electrical equipment are the most common causes of holiday season house fires. These devastating accidents lead to the loss of more than 500 lives annually.

Apart from house fires, break-ins and burglaries also see a spike during the holiday season. In some areas, burglary rates may jump as much as nearly 20% during the month of December. This is because burglars take advantage of people spending time away from home and leaving valuable gifts for thieves to take. To keep yourself safe in Midland, TX this holiday season, there are a few key measures you can take.


Having A Safe Holiday

Accomplishing this only takes some proactive thinking on your part. With a few simple changes, you can remain safe and happy in Midland, TX until the end of the winter season and for the rest of the year.


  1. Keep Gatherings Off Social Media – While it might be tempting to post those photos from the Christmas party at work or that family gathering before the New Year, it is best to wait. Local criminals are smart, and they use social media to peruse the area in order to pick out their targets. If they see that you are busy at a holiday party across town, they will know that your home is empty and therefore easy to break into.


  1. Have Security Cameras Installed – Security camera systems do not just deter burglars but also help you keep an eye on your home while you are away. Those with remote monitoring give you the ability to check in from anywhere using your smartphone. That way, you will know that the oven is off, the tree’s lights have been unplugged, and that your home is safe and sound.


  1. Invest In An Alarm System – Today’s modern alarm systems can bring the authorities to your home in minutes, and this rings true whether you are at home or not. If your alarm system detects smoke or a breached entryway, the authorities will be notified straight away that they are needed at your location. Catching any potential problems early greatly reduces your risk for complete devastation from a fire or break-in.


Modern Security For Modern Holiday Celebrations

The security technologies we have today can help keep you and your family safe regardless of the time of year. With them, you can celebrate all your favorite holidays with complete peace of mind.

If you are looking to improve your holiday security this year, you are not alone in the endeavor. Contact us today to speak with our team of professionals, learn what types of solutions are available to you, and find out how we can boost your security.