Important Aspects To Consider When Buying A Security Camera

November 1st, 2018

The security of your Midland, TX property is too important to be left to chance. Choosing the right security camera means choosing one that is next-to-impossible for an intruder to bypass. Not only should your choice be able to monitor thefts, but it should also be able to deter them. Be sure to take a few important things under consideration when making the final purchase:

The lighting aspect of the property you want to monitor

The location of the camera you want to install (indoor or outdoor)

A fixed point or a multiple location monitors

Remote viewing or fixed viewing

Wired or wireless options

Lighting And Location 

One important thing to consider when installing a security camera is the lighting, which can have a large impact on the quality of the video capture. Too much light leads to blurry images, while too little light can cause the camera to neglect recording simple images. To take care of this, opt for a camera that has a light sensitivity rating in the range of 1 Lux and below. This type of camera will produce good images both day and night so you can monitor your property consistently.

When considering where to install your camera, the indoor and outdoor conditions in Midland, TX can differ in aspects that can affect that quality of your images. Indoor environments have controlled heat, humidity, and lighting levels on the inside, but can become compromised by window glass, UV light, and other adverse conditions outside. Outdoor cameras are built to withstand adverse conditions without compromising image quality. Choose the security camera that offers optimal performance no matter where you place it.

Finding The Perfect View 

You’ll need to decide whether you want your camera to be fixed only to one point or have the capacity to monitor different sections. A fixed camera will work well if you want to monitor a specific area, such as a parking lot. A pan, tilt, and zoom camera (PTZ) is designed to move its lens vertically or horizontally to capture more points of view.

Many security cameras will record all of the activity that occurs. Fixed viewing is fine if you prefer to closely follow the activity going on at your Midland, TX home or business by watching the monitor. There might be times, however, when you’re in a different location, but want to see what’s going on. In this case, you might prefer a security camera that allows for remote access viewing so you don’t miss anything.

Wired And Wireless Options 

A wired camera can send high-quality video signals through a cable connection, which is more secure. A wireless security camera transmits video signals wirelessly, which provides optimal placement. Both carry pros and cons, so contact the professionals at Premier Surveillance to help you decide which option is best for your situation. With the continually-expanding options available in security camera surveillance, we’ll help you find just the right system to meet the needs of your home or business.