The Four Most Important Questions To Ask A Home Security Company Before Hiring Them

December 5th, 2018

A home security system can keep your loved ones, possessions, and property safe. Working with a security company will ensure that you get the right system for your home. There are a lot of security companies in the area. Deciding who to work with can be a little overwhelming. To help you make a truly informed decision, here are four questions you should ask before hiring any security provider for your home.

1. How Secure Is Your Technology?

Technology can be vulnerable to intrusion and security breaches if not securely protected. They can be hacked, your data manipulated, and even turned off with remote access. If you are looking at IP or wireless technology, it is really important to understand what security protocols a security company has in place. A good security company will have a lot of measures in places such as redundant storage, vulnerability scanning and testing, and impregnable firewalls. Make sure to go over the details to ensure their technology is very secure.

2. Can Your System Be Upgraded?

Security technology moves fast. What was once the most secure offering on the market, may become obsolete in a few short years. Make sure that any system that you install in your home can be upgraded easily to the latest technology in the future. You should also take this time to see if the system you are purchasing has an extended warranty or an upgrade program that will provide updates as they are released.

3. What Kind Of Live Support Does Your Company Offer?

Security issues cannot wait until open office hours. When you need help with your security system, you need help immediately. When discussing the service options for your security system, make sure the company you work with offers live 24/7/365 support with a real person. That way if there is ever an emergency, you can get the help you need. 

4. Do You Provide Same Day Service?

If your security system fails, you will be left vulnerable until it can be repaired. Waiting for service can cause a lot of anxiety during this time. The sooner your system is back up and running, the better for both your safety and stress levels. One of the most important services a security company can offer is same-day service. That way the moment a security issue comes up, it can be fixed right away and your home will be safe again without worry. Make sure to ask about same-day service and if there are any associated fees.

Choosing a reputable and trustworthy home security company can seem like a challenge. However, a good home security company will be able to provide all of these services and more. Our company offers highly secure technology, rapid response to customer needs, and affordable, scalable options. To learn more, give us a call and we’ll go over how we can help keep your family and home safe.